Thursday, March 7, 2013 — A New Home for Bro

We are very excited to announce that as of today all Bro-related services have found a new home under the domain. We've moved most services over from already, and the remaining pieces should fall in place over the next couple of days. Generally, things should just keep working, with the old names redirecting to the new ones transparently. You may however need to adjust your email filters if you're subscribed to any of our mailing lists.

This move reflects a change in perspective that has been shaping up for a while already. The problem is that what most people associate with the term "IDS" doesn't actually fit Bro very well. Bro's capabilities go beyond what traditional "IDS" provide, and its real strengths lie in areas where there's not much else out there to compare it with. Indeed, Bro can do much more than "just intrusion detection". Many of our users are deploying it in a range of very different settings for gaining insight into their networks independent of any security concerns. In this sense, we've been playing down the "IDS" angle for a while already, and the new domain makes that explicit. On top of that, a three-letter domain is of course much cooler anyways.

This change was made possible by a generous donation from Liam Randall to the International Computer Science Institute. The donation allowed us to aquire the domain from its previous owner. We are extremely grateful for Liam's support, many thanks to him from the whole Bro Team!

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  1. I believe this was a good move. Kudos for Liam's generosity.